AI Matting (No Green Matting)
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AI matting SDK supporting Android, IOS, Windows, MAC and Web
GreenMatting(matting for background)
Hair level matting, rich and exquisite background materials, real-time matting for background, more arbitrary style change
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LanSong video editing SDK adopts layer architecture, all operations are accurate to each frame, and the processing speed is very fast
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AE Template
Cool AE template and blockbuster vlog template, easily edit the videos of travel, food and other life, and cut the same one with one click; Support importing to video editing for secondary editing
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Customer case

Is a professional video editing tool

    "豆荚直播助手" adopts blue pine green screen matting technology, switches the background in real time, adds pendants, etc., and has built-in diversified scenes and materials to easily build a virtual live studio

Powerful video editing and video dubbing tools.

A mobile photo album making tool.
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High salary is looking for Android development, IOS development, sales, art, etc
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1. The original name of Hangzhou lansong Vision Technology Co., Ltd. is Hangzhou lansong Technology Co., Ltd 2. Provide overall solutions for enterprise users, including video editing SDK, AI matting (no green matting), GreenMatting (matting for background), template video (AE template, vlog template, matting template), etc
LanSongMatting Demo App
• LanSong matting SDK includes: green screen, blue screen, red screen and AI portrait matting SDK • It can realize real-time matting to replace background video, background picture, etc • It can help you quickly create a star live studio with immersive experience • It is mainly used for matting live broadcast, game live broadcast, conference live broadcast, exhibition hall and other matting software, as well as • Android Tablet hardware
AI Matting
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